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I'm a professional beautician, and available part time as an escort in Melbourne, Australia. Some would consider me high class, although I feel I fit into most environments and situations. I'm elegant and have an elite mindset. Most importantly, I'm educated, friendly and open to meeting lovely new people.

I'm 5'7", fit and energetic, and I love playing sports. I also enjoy reading, socialising and weekends in the country. I'm not a huge fan of the beach, but I do love lakes and fresh water rivers for swimming. There are some beautiful spots up and down the East Coast of Australia where I love to get away sometimes. While I enjoy that relaxed atmosphere, I also love to feel groomed and well presented, so living in the city suits me best.

I am available for international travel, but prefer a good couple of week's notice. If you're looking for an enthusiastic, intelligent and dedicated person to spend some time with, I'm a perfect choice. I'm always polite, I don't smoke, and am 100% drug free at all times. I have a go-with-the-flow attitude, so I'm not high maintenance. I like lazy days and exciting dinner occasions, so I'm very versatile.

Please contact me to see if we get along well, and perhaps we can arrange a lovely meeting.

Monica oxox





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Elite Melbourne Escort Service

Melbourne Escorts

The city of Melbourne offers a wider array of things to do after dark. One of which includes booking some time with a fun and sexy escort girl. Of course they can be available any time, and a lunch tine date is wonderful! But most people find night time is the right time for fun and games. No work stress or rushing, just leisure and pleasure. An escort lady can tour you around Melbourne, or visit your Melbourne hotel room. Personally I offer outcall only, and visit 3 star, four star and five star hotels in Melbourne. The city offers a range of ladies, from fairly standard brothel girls and outcall escorts, to high class escorts (by the hour companions), and elite courtesans.  

Australia's Companion Services

The companion industry is fully legal in Australia, if you are in NSW. In VIC it is legal with a license, and independent ladies may work privately, without ramifications. There are many kinds of companions throughout the country, many to suit different preferences. In all the states of Australia, there are ladies available to accompany you to dinner, in your private hotel room, or on vacation. Depending on which level of education, hygiene and style you require, there will always be someone for you. Although of course generally the most educated and refined Australian escorts are in the larger cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, there are a few who venture out to smaller towns or cities, like Brisbane, Adelaide, or towns around them. Otherwise there are thousands of escort agencies offering ladies for company.  

International Travel Escort

When you need a lovely companion to accompany you on your travels, booking a high class escort as your experienced travel companion can be your perfect solution. International travel can not only be tiring, it is also difficult to spend the evenings alone in a hotel room, especially in a strange city. When traveling with someone helpful, you can halve your stress; halve the luggage, halve the planning, but double the fun! Have someone to experience sight-seeing with, and take photos with. Enjoy walks and romantic dinners, with a companion who is not only happy to be there, but is there just for you! It's very exciting to bring someone on vacation with you as your elite and exclusive travel companion.  

Hotel Outcall

Some ladies offer different types of services, like outcall or incall. In call girls can offer a place for you to visit. Her hotel, apartment or other home, or sometimes in a brothel or parlour. Others prefer an outcall service, where they come to you/ your hotel room/ your home. Everyone has their reasons for their preference, and which fits into their private life. And every mane is different, seeking the service that suits his schedule and situation. Some prefer to visit someone, others prefer to be visited. I personally offer outcall only, as I like to keep my personal space private, and I prefer to visit his room or restaurant, then retire to my own space.  

Independent Melbourne Courtesan Service

Another level of service includes courtesans. Independent girls can select the type of experience they offer, rather than choosing an agency which may dictate the service they have to provide. In Melbourne, a courtesan can be found my searching the internet or looking in directories. Otherwise word of mouth can offer you some contacts. Most people find me via internet research, and decide to contact me because I offer the high class quality and elite services they seek. To book a courtesan service in Melbourne, just find some options and contact her to book some time. A date with a courtesan should involve more than you would receive in a brothel or incall situation. Courtesans, whether in Melbourne Australia or in any other major city, should be elite and educated, otherwise they cannot really be called courtesans.  

Private Girls and Girlfriends Australia

Many gentlemen seek discretion and privacy when they book female company. They are concerned about booking an agency escort, because the agency might keep records, or not deliver what they promise. A Private girl will stand behind her promises and keep everything confidential. For a girlfriend experience that is everything you expect, book a private girl as your hired girlfriend. If you're attending a social event or occasion, Australian private girls are the perfect girlfriend experience. You may forget you've paid for her time. And this is the secret of the GFE, to have someone beside you who cares about you and will actually be your girl friend. Without the commitment or strings or expectations. Private is usually best for those seeking a direct contact.            

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Things To Do In Melbourne

Melbourne is home to a world of culture and enjoyment. We can go to some beautiful restaurants, and there are some areas where they specialise in authentic Italian cuisine, straight from the homeland. We can catch a play, live theatre abounds. My favourite - an opera or ballet can be taken in (that needs to be booked well in advance of course). All the most famous shows and performances make their way to Melbourne, the culture capital of Australia!

If live music is more your style, you may enjoy catching a band, or perhaps even a live comedy show - the comedy club is extremely popular, and obviously loads of fun. Or a lovely afternoon stroll by the river may be your preference. We can have a chat, get some things off your chest, philosophise about life or just shoot the breeze. Or do excactly the same thing, but in one of the many local pubs (traditional or stylish).

There's also the beach, (I do rock a bikini if I do say so!), and there is no limit to the amount of things we can enjoy here. Museums, art, wine tasting, nightclubs, elegant lounges, cocktail bars, beautiful real estate tours, tram rides, boat rides, car rides - you name it, we can find something to entertain you and allow you to really experience the heart of beautiful Melbourne. Perhaps not as pretty as some cites, but certainly more interesting! Melbourne has a substance and lifestyle that few of us would trade.

Contact me now and let me show you my beautiful city of Melbourne, the way it was meant to be enjoyed.